Friday, 6 December 2013

The missing post mystery

I wrote a post, I mused, I took my very best photos, I pressed publish and my post vanished into that big bleak void of nothingness, where posts and it seems time vanish. At least I finished my mittens!

x x x x x x x


Louise S said...

Well it will not be alone as I am sure it has gone to join my lost post too! Perhaps blogger was having an off day? Lovely to see you back here all the same. Take care.

Frances said...

Jeepers, I do hope that your post does a u turn in the etherway and returns to you, so you can show the rest of us what was in That Post.

Meanwhile, may I tell you that those mittens are fantastic! Isn't fair isle just full of amazing results every time you cast on and get a few rows going?


KC'sCourt! said...

Oh dear about the post, its probably there hiding!
Gorgeous mittens
Julie xxxxxxxx

lemonade kitty said...

Your mittens are gorgeous, love the colours, xx